NAAC Second Chance Registration!!

We will be opening our Team for a Second Chance Registration on TUESDAY SEPT. 8TH for all remaining spots we have for the coming 2015-16 swim season.  New Swimmer Evaluations are needed prior to registration, and will be available as follows:

from 5:30 to 6pm on any of the dates below 

Please be sure to register on or shortly after Tues Sept 8th as we have limited spaces available!!

NAAC New Swimmer Evals 5:30-6pm - choose any one to attend, no appt. necessary!

Wed Aug 26

Wed Sept 2

Fri Sept 4

Tues Sept 8

Thurs Sept 10


HS and MS Pre-Season Registration opens Tuesday Sept 8th as well!  

If you have a HS or MS student who would like to get a head start on their school season and is not currently a year-round NAAC swimmer this is a chance to get them in the water and in shape prior to the school swim season!!  Practices are Tuesday and Thursday from 8-9pm beginning Tuesday Sept 22 and ending Thursday Nov 5th.  Please register on or as close to Sept 8th as possible as we have limited spaces available!